Jewel Vault

The Jewel Vault (TL15) provides commercial strength high security protection.  It has passed Underwriters Laboratories grueling tests and carries a UL TL-15 burglary rating. Additionally, the safe provides two hours fire protection. For incomparable burglary and fire protection choose the Jewel Vault (TL15).
All Jewel Vault models are made to order – ANY size, ANY shape – at NO additional cost.

Security Features

  • UL TL-15 high security burglary rating
  • Two hour, 350 degree fire rating tested at temperatures up to 1850 degrees
  • Massive door with overall thickness of 5-3/4”
  • The door’s outer and inner steel plates houses a proprietary amalgamation of nuggets and steel fibers to withstand a concentrated attack.
  • Thick 3-1/2” body encasing high density composite material with nuggets and steel fibers
  • A proprietary inner barrier protects against peeling attacks
  • Six to ten massive 1-1/2” diameter chrome plated solid steel locking bolts.
  • Door locks automatically when door is closed
  • Spring loaded relocker
  • High security UL listed locks


  • Exotic wood jewelry interior
  • Choice of drawer configuration
  • Removable jewelry trays
  • Watch Winders
  • High gloss paint finish in any color
  • UL rated high security digital locks
  • Custom size safes at NO extra charge
  • Right or left swing doors available

All Safes are made to order in ANY size.

ModelOutside DimensionsInside DimensionsWeight
181425.0”H x 21.0”W x 21.5”D18.0”H x 14.0”W x 12.0”D710 lbs
251832.0”H x 25.0”W x 25.5”D25.0”H x 18.0”W x 16.0”D1110 lbs
352442.0”H x 31.0”W x 29.5”D35.0”H x 24.0”W x 20.0”D1720 lbs
452452.0”H x 31.0”W x 29.5”D45.0”H x 24.0”W x 20.0”D2060 lbs
552462.0”H x 31.0”W x 29.5”D55.0”H x 24.0”W x 20.0”D2410 lbs
652872.0”H x 35.0”W x 29.5”D65.0”H x 28.0”W x 20.0”D3238 lbs
* Add 2″ to outside depth for handle and hinges
* Cost based on capacity, not size or shape.
* UL file number BP1006


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