Depository Safes

Security Features

  • Class B-Rated insurance rating with 1/2″ thick high strength steel doors
  • High strength steel body
  • U.L. group 2 combination lock
  • Relocking device double locks against burglary attack
  • Large diameter chrome steel bolts and force resistant handle
  • Hinge side inter-locks from inside to resist hinge removal
  • Rotary hopper and front load accepts most deposits
  • Bolt down hole


  • Key locking dial
  • Key-Op lock instead of combination lock
  • Electronic digital lock with built in time delay or dual custody
  • Certain models available in rear load
ModelOutside DimensionsInside DimensionsInterior VolumeWeight
FL-2012.5”H x 14”W x 10.5”D 20”H x 14”W x 14”D 1.04 ft3
136 lbs
FL-2515”H x 14”W x 12”D
25”H x 28.25”W x 35.25”D
FL-2719.5”H x15.5”W x 15.5 ”D 27”H x 16”W x 19”D 2.71 ft3209 lbs
FL-DBL(top)12"H x 20.5"W x 17.5"D 33"H x 21W x21"D 2.49 ft3345 lbs
12"H x 20.5"W x 17.5"D 33"H x 21W x21"D 2.49 ft3345 lbs
RH-2011.75"H x 13.5 "W x 11"D20"H x14"W x 14"D 1.04 ft3136 lbs
RH-2719.5"H x 15.5"W x15.5 "D27"H x16"W x 19"D 2.71 ft3209 lbs


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