The history of Prestige Safe, Inc. goes back four generations. Founded in 1894 under the name “OZ” Trucking & Rigging. Prestige Safe designs the world’s strongest and most beautiful jewelry safes. Each safe is customized to keep your jewelry and watches organized and secure.

As the premier supplier of high security safes for the jewelers and diamond dealers in New York’s diamond district, as well as for retail jewelers nationwide, Prestige Safe carries the strongest safes in the industry insurable for millions of dollars. With expertise in security, Prestige Safe also supplies high security safes and walk-in vault rooms for pharmaceutical companies, financial institutions, retail businesses, law enforcement and the military.

With a market need to provide homeowners with high security safes, Prestige Safe designed a line of home safes that incorporated security features of their commercial safes, but with aesthetic refinements for the residential market.

Working with a team of experienced engineers, carpenters and craftsmen Prestige Safe has successfully created the finest and largest line of home safes and luxury jewelry safes.


We manufacture most of our safes to order. This reduces our costs and allows us to offer custom sizes for the same price as standard size safes


In our many years of business we have learned what homeowners want and expect when purchasing luxury jewelry safes and watch safes. Like the four C’s of buying a diamond we offer the four C’s of protecting your diamonds as well as all of your other valuables.

  • Confidence: Know that your most valuable possessions are secure in the world’s strongest safe.
  • Convenience: Made to size and custom designed to make your jewelry easily accessible.
  • Comfortable: Skilled craftsmanship and the finest materials provide a luxurious feel.
  • Cost:A lifetime of value for a one time investment.
  • We also offer a fifth C:
  • Courtesy: A seamless white glove delivery.
    These are not just the expectations of our clients, these are the same demands we place upon ourselves.

We know at Prestige Safe how important your jewelry safes, and other important items are to you. Our mission is to give you piece of mind when you order any of our residential safes, commercial safes, or watch safes. We want you to be able to customize it to your liking and know you are protected against all obstacles. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a watch safe professional please call us at (631) 253-2700