Fingerprint Safe

Fingerprint Safe

Biometric locks reduce unauthorized access to your safe. Protect your valuables- cash, legal documents, jewelry, heirlooms, handguns, prescription medicines – from unauthorized access while home or away.

Security Features

S &G biometric fingerprint reader is easily accessible

  • You select the level of security – use with

– Fingerprint only
– Six-digit PIN only, or
– Fingerprint AND six-digit PIN to open

  • Easily add and remove up to 8 more users
  • Fingerprint only is a great solution for:

– Anyone who finds PINs challenging
– Handgun owners – who want rapid access to safe

  • U.L. approved lock
  • The 1/2″ solid-steel door is sledgehammer and pry bar resistant
  • Ball-bearing assisted hinges for easy open and close
  • Spring-loaded relocker with ‘auto door detent’ – close the door and the safe locks iteself!
  • Thick 1″ inch diameter, chromed live-locking bolts
  • Formed, full-welded 1/4″ body
  • Scratch resistant, hammer-tone gloss finish
ModelOutside DimensionsWeight
101410.25”H x 13.75”W x 13.50”D41 lbs
101610.00”H x 15.75”W x 15.00”D38 lbs
121412.00”H x 19.50”W x 15.50”D58 lbs
201420.00”H x 16.50”W x 15.50”D76 lbs
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Gloss Exteriors
Textured Exteriors
STEP 3. Choose an Interior Wood
STEP 4. Choose a Fabric
STEP 5. Choose # of Drawers
STEP 5.1 Drawers Configuration

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