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Prestige Safe is the leading supplier of high security safes and vault rooms for the jewelry and financial industries as well as luxury safes for homeowners.

We offer the widest selection of standard designed safes, and specialize in custom built safes.

Our 100 year old history assures you quality, value and service, as well as the confidence in knowing that your valuables are secure in the world’s strongest and most beautiful safes.


High security safes designed to conveniently store and securely protect jewelry collections for homeowners and retail businesses.

The strongest burglary protection safes available. Our watchwinders will keep your watches running while our safes keep them secure.

We manufacture most of our safes to order. This reduces our costs and allows us to offer custom sizes for the same price as standard size safes.

A commercial UL rated line of high security burglary safes for business and home. These are insurable for millions of dollars of coverage.

For as long as people have acquired valuables they have relied on safes to secure them. Our collection of antique safes is historic.

We carry the largest selection of residential burglary and fire protection safes to meet the various security needs of homeowners.

Modern technology and old world craftsmanship. A magnificently designed handcrafted jewelry armoire encased within the walls of a high security safe.

UL rated burglary safes for the highest levels of security. Jewelers, financial institutions and retail businesses rely on us for secure storage solutions.